Chimney Draft

low angle photo of house

It’s a safe bet most of us understand the basic principle of how a chimney works.

Hot smoke rises up the chimney pulling more combustion air into the firebox to feed the fire. Sounds simple enough but actually quite a bit more complex. Whether you have a traditional masonry chimney or a shiny looking manufactured insulated stainless steel chimney, quite a few circumstances can and will affect proper chimney draft. Having a clean chimney is vitally important, but sometimes that’s not enough.

Draft Problems
  • Common culprits that create air pressure imbalances within a living space and cause poor draft and choked fires include clothes dryers, kitchen & bathroom exhaust fans, and heat recovery ventilators to name a few.
  • Other factors such as weather conditions like wind, exterior temperature, humidity & barometric pressures.
  • Chimneys are affected by the “lay of the land” nearby. Hills, trees, and open fields near your home will affect the wind’s direction and intensity.

If you’re experiencing unpleasant odors, annoying smoke spillage during reloading, or general poor performance from your wood burner, then it’s time to call Safeguard. Our techs will look at the system as a whole and make recommendations. Safeguard’s technicians have years of experience helping homeowners overcome a variety of chimney issues, call us today.