Vermont Castings Aspen C3 Wood Stove

Re-designed, the new Aspen C3 still boasts true cast iron construction and retains it’s classic great looks but stove performance has been improved and simplified. Here’s just a few of the things Vermont Castings did…
– C3 – Continuous Combustion Control technology automatically controls combustion air, there’s no more fiddling with the draft control. This feature greatly improves combustion over the burn cycle allowing longer burn times up to 10hrs, but it’s not electric, it’s heat activated. Load-n-go.
– The outside air feature was re-designed, it’s now built-in for better performance and appearance. No additional adapter needed.
– Optional ceramic accent for the top plate cook section.
– Meets 2020 EPA and Canadian emissions 1.9 gm/h
– Heats up to 1200 sq.ft / 35,200 btu


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