RSF Opel 3 Catalytic – Zero Clearance Fireplace

The Opel is RSF’s most popular zero-clearance fireplace. Part of the growing Opel family, the Opel 3C is a catalytic fireplace with an elegantly shaped single door.

The Opel’s catalyst burns off harmful emissions and increases efficiency when the fire is burning at low temperatures. You get less creosote and more heat from your fire at low to medium burn rates. As a result, less fuel goes up your chimney in the form of smoke.

The technology in the Opel is the result of over 30 years’ of experience in making high efficiency fireplaces. Popular Science Magazine recommended the Opel for its efficiency and emissions reduction. RSF engineers have refined this technology over time, making the Opel what it is today.

This fireplace is certified for use with 7″ ICC Model EXCEL chimney only.



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