Piazzetta 963C Pellet Stove – Store Demo ( color – oriental sand )

$7,553.00 $4,297.00

Wow… now here is a serious deal folks ! We have a Piazzetta 963C pellet stove on sale, it’s a store demo which means it was used occasionally for display purposes, comes with full warranty.

The 963C is surrounded in handmade Majolica curved panels which really hold the heat and release it in a nice even manner. Aside from being a really great working pellet stove this unit also has the Multifuocco system which can use optional duct work to blow warm air to other parts of your home, how neat is that !

Efficiency : 91.7 %
EPA Emissions : 1.97 grams/hour
Room heating capacity (min-max) : 700 – 2600 sq ft.
BTU output (min-max) : 13,192 – 47,955
Hopper Capacity : 66 lbs
Burn rate (min-max) : 1.60 – 5.80 lbs/hr
Power adjustable (positions) : 5
Exhaust Vent Height/Location : 7.28 in
Dimensions WxDxH : 22.5 x 21 x 46 in
Total weight : 434 lbs
Multifuoco System : dual blower

This unit’s color is oriental sand.

Regular Price $7553

Now Only … $4297  !

Don’t wait on this one… BIG SAVINGS




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