Margin Flame View Heater


  1. Heating capacity of 2,000 square feet or more
  2. Large, airtight firebox will take up to a 22 inch log for an all night burn
  3. Side load firebox enables you to keep cooking or canning without moving pots
  4. High-temperature glass firebox door lets you watch and enjoy the fire
  5. Takes standard firebrick that is inexpensive and easy to replace and install
  6. Dual bell draft supply for glass wash and fast start-up
  7. Double-plated steel cook top for a strong and evenly heated cook top
  8. Cast iron wood grate system
  9. Exclusive “Air Jet” re-burn design
  10. Large ash trays below grates for convenient ash removal
  11. Porcelain exterior finish throughout, standard in black
  12. Porcelain black oven interior
  13. Nickel plated trim
  14. Oven draft control to circulate hot air around oven
  15. Ships with FREE Poker and ash scraper
  16. Limited one-year warranty


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