Louisiana Grills LG 800 – Black Label Series

Safeguard has been carrying LG pellet grills and accessories for many years, they’re one of the top pellet grills on the market. This year these well loved grills were redesigned, adding loads of exciting new features. The new LG Black Label Series are quite impressive. If you thought LG grills were good before … you should see them now !

Here’s the LG 800 Black Label

The original Louisiana Series Grill Line gets a bold redesign with the Black Label Series. Experience luxury grilling and technology upgrades. This bold line up comes equipped with a slew of impressive features. Access your digital control board from the palm of your hand using built-in WIFI and Bluetooth capability. The intelligent digital control board syncs with the Louisiana Grills app for modern convenience using your smartphone. This series also introduces a powerful, fully redesigned proprietary exhaust system. Welcome yourself to the upper echelon of grilling by reaching hotter grill temperatures at speeds faster than ever before. The Black Label Series by Louisiana Grills is flavor redefined.

For more detailed information please visit the LG site here… https://louisiana-grills.com/shop/grills/black-label-pellet-grill-1000

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